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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  June 26, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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storms hit hard and fast last night, did you wake up to the pounding room, booming thunder and the flashes of lightning? the system may have moved on, who is tracking what's in store for the rest of your day, sue. and you told me, you got to go or i'll blow your head. >> oh, she was followed home, grabbed from behind, forced back into her car. now, she tells fox 29, how she talked her attack near letting her go. >> plus, police surround a south jersey apartment complex after reports of a man, firing a gun, people told to stay inside, how the situation finally came to an end.
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>> and dozens rush to the hospital after a concert near boston, many of them, teenagers, what police think may be behind these medical issues. we have tons of breaking news from overnight. good morning to all of you, thank you so much for joining us, i'm karen hepp. >> i'm chris murphy, wearing red, white and blue today. taking on germany at noon, but first, sue, let's take a look at the weather. good morning. >> i got the blue. >> yes? >> lips are red, i guess? >> and, well, all right. anyway, let's take a look at the weather for today. we'll pick a number, any number, i chose eight, for today, sunshine, warm temperatures, those are the pluses for today. still, casino of muggy, and i think the humidity will linger, we'll have an isolated shower, later on, but that's really not a huge deal. nothing like those loud thunderstorms we had last night. all right, we got bus stop buddy in the world cup shirt today. some clouds, some sun to get start, temps in the 60s, 70s, you'll need your sunscreen, yes, muggy the dog is along
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just safely by his side. by the pool. that's what it looks like today. right now, we see that all of the rain has moved off shore for us, but, visibility is becoming a little bit of an issue, an in few places, some fog around, allentown, and lancaster, not a big deal, but we'll keep an eye on it, sunburning through the clouds in philadelphia, 72 degrees, but still, 84% relative humidity, sunrise happened at 5:34 this morning, it was a warm wednesday, guess what, we made it to 90 degrees yesterday. and we'll get close to that today with 89. again, just can't rule out isolated shower this afternoon, 68 the overnight low tonight. that's your foxcast, here's kacie, good morning. >> all right, 59 right at front street, what it is look being like out on the roadways, start starting to come up, peak through the clouds, looking good. media, still checking on there is this downed pole closing eastbound side of baltimore pike, at media bypass, media bypass itself is the
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alternate. us. >> kacie, police stand-off has ends in the hammonton. began around 11:00 last night. police surrounded the whispering pines apartment complex on pleasant mill road. man had barricaded himself inside an apartment complex there. a neighbor tells police he heard shots fired from what sounded like a pellet gun. it is not clear if anyone was hurt. we'll continue of course to follow the story and bring you updates throughout the morning here on fox 29. >> also developing this morning, police have shot a man in the olney section of philadelphia. two officers stopped a vehicle on the 100 block of west champ plows street about 9:30 last night. police say the man inside pulled a gun, and they opened fire. the 55 year old suspect was taken to einstein hospital. necessary critical condition. no police officers were hurt. also, at 03:00, police on the hunt for a man captured on video allegedly committing a very violent robbery in a oxford circle apartment building. the victim is now speaking out. >> on june 15th, she says, a man followed her inside her apartment lobby from the parking lot. that's what you see on this
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surveillance video. he demanded money, jewelry, and then he threat toned kill her. now the video shows that the victim was being let outside into that suv as you can see when she didn't have any money the man told her to then call a friends to bring cash. the victim described the horror. we're disguising her identity. >> saying he got a problem, he got a family, and, you know, the only thing i tell him i am going to pray for him. that's what i am trying to convince him, don't kill me, don't do anything wrong, we are going to help you. >> once the friends deliver that money, that suv took off again, the victim was set free. no arrests. >> eighth graders at south jersey school headed book class this morning, even though they graduated last night. the students done dollars their caps and gowns, just few hours after police had evacuated the building because after threat written in a year book. investigators would not say exactly what was said in that year book, but they do say it stems from an ongoing dispute between a seventh grade boy
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and several of his classmates. yesterday was supposed to be the last day of school. but since it was canceled, student events to make it up today. >> i think it is fine. really, it didn't bother me. because everybody's safe. and that's the most important thing, because what's happening in the country now, and the world, this is what we needed to do. >> police say the seventh grade is her not facing any charges, but, will see a counselor. >> former philadelphia police officer, is going to be going to prison for a long time. fifty-three year old raphael cordero was just sentenced to 15 years for interfering with a federal drug investigation. cordero was 23 year veteran of the department, when he gave sensitive information to his half brother, who authorities say, was a member after drug trafficking organization. cordero was convicted last december. a delaware state troop is her recovering after a gun fight with suspect. that suspect is dead. investigators say, 26 year old delaware state corporate lloyd mccann was responding to a
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domestic incident when the suspect tried to flee. once that vehicle stopped, the 29 year old suspect exited the vehicle, and immediately exchanged gunfire with the trooper. investigators say, it all started with an altercation in magnolia between the suspect and his girlfriends, just after midnight wednesday. she said that last night he had pulled a knife on her. and threat toned kill her last night. >> trooper mccann was hit twice, and taken to christianna hospital. he is listed in stable condition. the deadline for the pennsylvania state budget is quickly coming. the house passed its version last night, but some big changes could be on the horizon. the state house passed a 29, $1 billion spending plan, that does not raise taxes, it increases education spending, and includes but the senate will likely make changes to the version, beer budget includes higher taxes on cigarettes and the natural gas industry. a judge has sided when
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governor chris christie and says he can cut contribution toss public employee pensions. governor chris christie says in order to balance the budget, he must cut about $2.5 billion in payment to the state employee pension program. governor says it is the only way to close a nearly $3 billion budget gap. christie says he would veto any nails would raise taxes. 6:07 the time. still ahead it, year old found dead after hours in a hot car. what seems like a tragic accident may actually be much more sinister watch police say his dad did during the day that now has him charged with murder. and, the rape after young woman in center city has shaken an entire neighborhood. but residents aren't letting their fear get the best every them. how they are coming together to stay safe.
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>> welcome back. powerful storm system hit state college yesterday. unusually quick, and unusually intense, would you look at that, rivers all over the place, the storm dropped nearly an inch of rain, in only a ten-minute period, causing creeks to suddenly overflow, shoot up. the drains back up, temporarily, closing roads, and leaves a number of folks stranded. >> flooding concerns also continue in the midwest. where in minnesota they're hoping mother nature cooperates. heavy rains, recent days, have pushed rivers, lakes, to some of the highest levels. officials say it could be a month or more before the
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levels drop watch year they've from the brutal to this. >> weather so folk i, the system move through our area, fast, furious, saw limbs down, but is it out of smear. >> yes, actually, even if we get little spring they will afternoon it won't be the drama that we had yesterday and/or overnight, and it seems like if you got an afternoon storm yesterday, you didn't get allowed one at night, and vice verse, a but this morning you can see the clouds, even have few areas of fog, most of them, are north of philadelphia, this afternoon, see sunshine, few clouds around, it will still feel kind of sticky, as we transition to a better weather pattern, this evening, and enough sun to get us close to 90 degrees. and you know the sun doesn't set until 8:30 at night anyway, so enjoy this nice long day. >> nice way to say sweat.
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>> all right, perfect. so air-conditioning night. thank up, sue. jobstown, monmouth at arnie's mount accident, accident. germantown pike at ridge pike, accident. good news 612, things on majors look okay. chris? >> still ahead, six year old, tearing up a local racetrack. that's right. he's hine the wheel, and he's looking to win. he's hine the wheel, and he's looking to win. what's is fueling his need for that low, no-haggle priceses. he's hine the wheel, and he's looking to win. what's is fueling his need for ...andt all starts here, at carmama log to and start your search today... ...and choose from over 35 thousand carmax quality certified used vehicles. from cars and trucks to suvs and minivans. browse the store nearest you... ...or shop from our nationwide inventory and have the car of your dreams, transferred to your local carmax store. finding the perfect car is easy when you start your search at carmax. carmax. start here.
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around the world, australian officials in charge of the search for the missing malaysian airline play say they're confident the plane was flying on auto pilot when they believe it crashed. meanwhile, search being moved further south in remote stretch of the indian ocean. plane went missing in march
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with 239 people on board. the terrorist group boca haran being blamed at a mall where 21 people were killed, in the country's capitol of abusia. one suspect killed as well, second one detained by police. now, to the growing crisis in iraq. us special forces and other american military advisors, are now on the ground there to help the local troops battle the militants threatening to take control of the capitol of baghdad. days after meeting in iraq secretary of state john kerrey says the leader is following through on his promises to work toward unity among the people, meanwhile, the offensive led by sunni militants quickly grown into much larger problem, they now control several cities and jordanian troops also now on high alert after territory along its boards where iraq was just seized. >> in boston, to be taken to
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area hospitals, officials say, they suffered from combination every drinking, drug use, and the warm temperatures. everyone is expected to be okay. the victims are mostly teenagers, attending a concert by swedish, dj. >> new details this this morning about death of toddler left hours in his father's suv near atlanta his dad says it was an accident, but police believe this is far morestin injury. leaving his 22 month olds son alone in the car while he went to work for about seven hours. he says, he forgot his son was in the car, and therefore, didn't drop him off at day care. police say they have reason to treat this as a homicide, though, saying harris stopped back to his car during his lunch hour and then left the kid inside the car when he went back to work. investigators also seized harris' work computer on which they say they found evidence of an internet search for information on how long it
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takes an animal to die in a hot car. the dad, harris, charged with felony murder every his son and second degree child cruelty. 6:17. the nation's highest court says and has made a ruling that searching a cell phone is almost always unconstitutional, as investigators do not get a warrant first. in the two cases heard this spring, suspect convicted and sense philadelphia based in large part on what police found during warrant less phone searches. the government argued police have that right. but justices argue that everything from your financial to your medical information may be on your phone, so, police will need a warrant in order to search it. >> 6:17 the time. an important supreme court ruling affecting one way in which you may watch television. the justices start upstream g service violated copyright laws by capturing tv signals on miniature and ten's, and big victory for the major television networks.
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there is an awkward moment at the white house, during a press briefing for an intern. so excited, only the second day, and there is the white house press secretary, josh ernest, answering questions from reporters, you can see, there is the intern fainting. she turns out to be just fine. just completely mortified. white house officials say it was her first day and the first time that she had ever attended a press briefing. hot in there. all stressed out. can't move. it is the big thing, so, there we have her falling over forever. >> for his part, president said progress being made, speaking at the league of conservation voters the president noted some of the major accomplishments since he took office, those include the first carbon dioxide limits on existing power plants, new permits for renewable energy project and energy efficiency standards. >> by the end of the next decade these combined efficiency stand guards for appliances in federal builds also reduce carbon pollution buy at least 3 billion suns
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compared to when i took gloves and while the us has made gains, the president says the international community is falling behind. he says once the us proves what's possible, other countries are likely to follow. >> day of training turns into a real life experience, for a florida cadette. among the exercises, how to wrangle a living alligator. during the practice, the cadette accidentally tripped, and then the gator turned its head around and bit him. an officer shot and killed that gator because it would not release the cadette's hands, fortunately the cadette only suffered minor injuries. >> residents in a chicago suburb feel like they're being overrun by snakes. >> because they're being overrun by snakes. here's what they're dealing with. officials say basically harmless gardner states, a lot in our area, also water snakes, but still pretty darn unnerving to the folks there. they've spotted snakes everywhere, from parks, and sidewalks, yards, experts say, it is just likely they're coming up for summer feeding
6:20 am
frenzy, and the recent rains making the problem worse. and would you look who just slithered in? >> slithered in, you snake. >> you snake. >> parker, bead,? >> talking the 76 draft parties around the delaware valley, having scott o'neil. >> i want embead. i don't care he is hurt. i want joe he will. >> really? >> don't make me cry about it, but i do have my hander chief. >> oh,. >> if we need it. >> okay, boy. red, white and blue today for the us a and the 76ers, right? nba draft is tonight, but also, we want to ask scott, you know, with the sixers, i thought this labron james thing? >> and will our draft pick tonight, influence who labron -- we will ' make him get labron james in town and one every these three top draft picks.
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>> do town others, thank you. >> do un to others as you would have them do un to you. teaching compassion and kindness to our children taking back seat. what kids say their parents tell them is more important than being kind. i used to tell my cause daughters, jest -- jess, jill, this is all i need for you. we will all and success if i can just say my children, they are kind women. and they are. >> awe. >> apparently not enough in 2014. >> really? >> dog eat dog. >> i believe. >> i believe. >> i believe that we will win. i believe that we will win. >> take it away, sue. >> i think i pulled something. >> hopefully you will be watching the game in some air-conditioning today. because the muggies will be hanging around this afternoon. mid 70s to get started, this morning, mix every sunday and
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clouds, 85 degrees by lunchtime, cannot rule out an isolated shower this afternoon, but these will be even more isolated than yesterday, you may get one, you may not. and even if you do, it shouldn't and big deal. we should get enough sunshine to get us to high of 89 degrees, your send set time 8:34. here's cast. >> i thank you very much, sue serio. taking a look at one accident that's cleared in harleysville at ridge pike, this one just cropped up, the westbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike, before you hit valley forge, that accident, blocking the left lane. coming right
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good morning, i'm howard eskin. phillies won five straight last week on the road. since that tim, they've lost four, of five. this team real flaws. that will makes it hard to get on a roll. to the ballpark last night, this is the fourth inning, dom brown breaks in on a ball that should have been caught t should have been the last out, ruled base hit because he didn't touch t1 run, in it is one-nothing, but the next batter up, the catcher soul, hits double to the gap. and that will score two who
6:26 am
are runs, three runs, are all miami needed, miami beats the phils to score there three to two. yesterday the thirds no-hitter of the baseball season, tim the pitcher. all right, ninth inning, first out of the strikeout. with two outs, it is pretty easy for tim, his second no-hitter against the same team, the san diego padres, it is the third no-hitter of the year, the other two by the dodgers that's sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. >> just hours away right now, from the big game, team usa can punch their ticket to the next rounds of the worlds cup with a win or a tie against germany. but, if they lose, of course, it gets more complicated. it will then depend on the outcome of the portugal ghana game, both those games though at noon, so we'll figure it out today. we want to hear your messages, of support for our team, or your pictures of you, your kid or your dog or cat tweet us hashtag fox 29usa. show us your red, white and
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blue. >> 626. texas mom whose daughter was stolen along with her, a she thinks it was higher power that helped to bring them back together. >> speaking for the first time about the emotional chain every events. thief stole car, as karen said, with her eight month olds child inside at a gas station monday morning. >> more worried, found the car without her daughter inside. jogger spotted the baby on isolated road. police officer took care of the little girl, and until her mother arrived. haley believes the jogger was led thereby god. >> she not even from here, she really doesn't even jog so god placed in her heart to go jog that day. >> so far, no arrests in the case. says she just hopes police make an arrest and soon. >> still ahead. another story involving children, two small children, just one and three years old, spend several days home alone
6:28 am
after the mother was arrested. why they weren't taken somewhere safe as soon as why they weren't taken somew[ male announcer ]as tv's come a long way. from color. to the remote. to flat screens. now it's taking a quantum leap. introducing fios quantum tv. record up to 12 shows at the same time. store up to 200 hours of entertainment in hd. plus watch live tv anytime with the fios mobile app.
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redefining what tv can be. that's powerful. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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>> a woman is attack and robbed at local apartment building, even abducted. how she managed to talk her way out after very dangerous spot. >> police surround a south
6:31 am
jersey complex, after reports after man firing a gun, people were told to stay inside, how the situation finally came to an end. >> did the rain, thunder and lightning wake you up this morning? you're not alone. storms rolled in hard and fast across the region, what's the rest of your day look like? sue serio has the answer. i didn't even hear it, i think it was midnight? >> many people did, sue serio, our backs, backyard buddy, is he wearing soccer jersey this morning. >> very sure is. >> dressed up for the world cup today, also since we have sixers president on the show today, sixers cap on our buddy so all set. look who is it g pool site with buddy today. >> it will be humid outside this morning, some clouds, some sun out there, as we clear out the last of the rain, you're going to need that sunscreen if you are going to be by the pool today. it will be hot, humid, you want to take a dip. 60s, 70s, your temperatures to get start shall and we're going with a eight, for today,
6:32 am
sunshine, warm temperatures, but, an isolated shower is not out of the question, you can see, there, no green left on land some off shore. visibility, we had few problems little bit earlier, with fog, but it is not a big deal. north of the city only places we're seeing little fog. fog still hanging on, sun trying to get through the clouds. westerly breezes at 9 miles per hour, relative humidity still up there at 84%, 89 degrees, as our high today, can't rule out isolated shower this afternoon, but will not be loud, like it was last night that's a look at your weather from the weather authority, hey, caste? >> hey, sue, thanks so much. going out to the turnpike if you are trying to head westbound before valley forge, you have accident there, blocking the left lane this morning, slowing you down little bit if you are headed out in media. baltimore pike, completely shutdown, downed wires, downed polls there. right at media bypass, media
6:33 am
bypass is the alternatement taking a look everywhere you can start to see the delay on 95 south, woodhaven down to the vine, about ten minute delay, but elsewhere, everything does look good this morning, karen? >> so much breaking news overnight, let's get right out to this news from the strawberry mansion section. there has been home invasion, police say, two guys, stormed a home on the 2700 block every west berk street just about 4:30, two hours ago, the intruders hit a man in the head with a gun then tide him up, stole flat screen, cell phone, money, took offer with the victim's mercedes, victim expected to be okay. so far on the loose. >> police stand-off in hammonton, new jersey, has come to ends early this morning, this began around 11:00 last night, police surrounded the whispering pines apartment complex in pleasant mills road, man had barricaded himself inside an apartment complex. a neighbor tells police that he heard shots from what
6:34 am
sounded like a pellet gun, not clear if anyone was hurt, of course follow this for you throughout the morning. >> live for us at northeast detective, hi, steve. >> reporter: you can see the doors opened to the detective's offers here for any informant, tips, maybe even the bad guys, who will develop a good guilty consideration, and turn himself in here after seeing the violence on video. >> when the door beep, i saw somebody grab me by the arm. >> the victim spent yesterday retelling and reliving her ordeal to reporters. a resident after apartment building here on roosevelt boulevard. >> he say give me your pocketbook, give me your jewelry. i say okay, go ahead, but my jewelry is not good. i'm poor people. i think you have the wrong person. >> first you see the guy follow her from the parking
6:35 am
lot, then the inside camera in the vestibule lobby shows what happens next. a violent struggle. she was leaving a voice mail at the time to a friend, when grabbed, so her screams were captured on that. ahh h. >> while you see the guy, who took off his shirt, trying to disguise himself; trying to grab her purse. >> at the time he grabbed me, i was talking to somebody. so he say call your friend and tell your friends what's going on. and he got to bring the money if not i blow your head. >> not happy with the little cash he had, he takes her back outside to the parking lot to her suv. makes her call her friends to bring more money, while waiting he makes her drive around for more than half hour until the friends finally shows up, gives the guy some money in the parking lot, but apparently he is till not happy. so he takes off again, with the victim. minutes later, he orders her out on the boulevard, and steels her suv which was found by police the next day. >> the only thing i tell him i am going to pray for him.
6:36 am
>> well, here is the description, hispanic male becomes 20 years old, five-eight, 180, muscular, and here is our best close up freeze. this man, and despite the shirt over his face, we took it to where the spot is, where the shirt comes down, most offer his face, where you can make out his hairline maybe nose up. police are confident if somebody knows this guy will be able to tell who it is. >> this was fathers day night, from just before 9:00 to 10:00 all of this happened. the video just put out yesterday. other women living in this apartment building, upset, that the building management never told them to be on the look-out. so, chris, karen, weaver this guy on the watch. we've got that rapist who hit at least three women here on the same stretch of the boulevard. and the story from spruce street over last weekends, is again, a triple threat warning to women, watch it when you're loan, because all of these women attacked while they are walking alone after the sun goes down. >> important reminder as always, steve, could happen any time, anywhere. thank you.
6:37 am
>> absolutely. >> other news 36:00. philadelphia man accused in the rape and robbery of another man inside a center city hole tell room will be in court. police say 26 year old doug also kacie met his victim through that grinder app in april, according to investigators, kacie assaulted the victim at gunpoint, forced him to take out money from several atm's. kacie charged with sexual assault, kidnapping, theft, other offenses, bail set at a million dollars. >> neshaminy school board expected to vote tonight on whether to stop a student newspaper from leaving out the word redskin in articles. redskin happens to be the neshaminy high school mascot name. the newspaper editors voted not to print the word saying they felt it was offense i have to native americans. but the new policy says they can't dump a word simply because they don't like t the school district subcommittee already approved the measure. >> same area corks decide to
6:38 am
close three of its mel rent sky recalls schools, part every larger plan to build one larger school. fans of the plan say it will save money, bet serve growing number of students? police in one part of montgomery county on the look-out this morning, foreperson who may have tried to kidnap a little girl yesterday afternoon. here's what police say happened. a child was crossing the street, at martin drive in the gilbertsville section of new hanover township. the little girl said a man in an early 2,000 maroon or purple jeep grand cheer key asked her if she wanted to get in the car. the girl went away. if you have any information or saw something please calm police. west nile virus re appeared in delaware county v been two cases of the mosquitos found to have the virus in the county one in chaddsford, the other in aldan. already two human cases of the west nile virus in delaware county last year while most people inflicted do not get sick, officials say small percentage every those inflicted will experience
6:39 am
fever, rash, headache, meningitis, encephalitis or even death. actor rob lowe and his family caught in dangerous flooding. while on vacation, they even needed to be rescued. how they were finally saved. plus: leaker how many times. >> yes, tearing it up, only six, but already making a name for himself on the racetrack. meet the little boy whose riding
6:40 am
6:41 am
6:42 am
pretty decent beach day. like any day in the sum you are time specially with humidity you will have to keep your eye on the sky. because there is a slight chance of thunderstorm this afternoon, otherwise looking good with 80 degrees, at oceanside. southwesterly wind will switch to northwesterly, but sea breeze at 10 miles an hour, 70 degrees surf temp, low rip countries being, uv index is very high. no more storms. they were pretty loud when they came through, we had some heavy downpours, some places, maybe flashflooding where you live. but that's all over now it, looks like the future cast has a lot of sunshine and just little bit of a chance of a 3:00 p.m. of an isolated shower. and not talking loud thunderstorms today. just isolated showers, i think it won't and big deal at all, even if you get one. now by tomorrow afternoon, a weak disturbance gives us a
6:43 am
slight chance of a shower, about five, 6:00 in the evening, and then, that chance out of here, looks like it will be nice for the weekend. temperatures 70 degrees in pottstown, 70 in lancaster, and atlantic city and wilmington, delaware, 72 degrees if philadelphia, still muggy out there, will be a warm night with phillies and marlins, 58 degrees at 7:05, and nice warm night with southerly breezes, today we flirt with 90 degrees, and warm, sticky, less humid tomorrow. again, slight chance after shower, by saturday, we've got ten out of ten with 83 degrees, and lower humidity, and sunday, some increasing clouds, but still great day, eight a degrees. now, it gets a little more unsettled as is our pattern, as soon as the week send over, so, a chance of thunderstorms on monday, tuesday, and wednesday, and getting warm and humid once again.
6:44 am
jobstown, arnie's mount road, accident there. pennsville, southbound side of the garden state parkway, off ramp thereto barnegat, partially blocked exit 67. seventy-six about ten minutes slower this morning, 95, same thing goes there, about ten minute delay if you are headed southbound, things on the turnpike, 42, pennsylvania turnpike, new jersey turnpike, both of those, and 476 everything else looks good. disturbing discovery, two toddlers were left all alone in a lock apartment for at least four days. police say the 23 year old mother of the one year old and three year old arrested for out standing warts but apparently never told police she even had children. so the children spent four days alone, trying to forge what they could eating games, childrens chips, sewed, a couldn't open the door. these are tiny people. neighbors didn't eel realize the children were home alone
6:45 am
until they heard the three year old screaming out of the window, begging for his mom. >> you can hear the little girl, i can't open the door, i can't open t this shouldn't have happened with three year old and one year old, they can't fend for themself. they can't pour something to drink. they can't reach the sing. >> and both in diapers. can even go to the bathroom by themselves. apartment manager called 911 and that's when police say they found those little children covered in dry feces and urine, the children are now in foster care, their mother charged with and bandonment. >> community leaders stepping up safety awareness, after police arrested this man in connection with to rape of a woman in the area. concerned residents packed a community meeting last night held at the tenth presbyterian church to talk about sit resources available to help people living there. milton garcia in custody after police say he followed a woman home to her spruce street apartment saturday and assaulted her. shows garcia moments before the alleged attack.
6:46 am
the community meeting stressed, being aware of your surroundings, and taking advantage of free safe defense classes around the city. >> city officials also talk about expanding the city's safe cam program from business owners to resident, city reimburse as percentage of the cost consideration then use your camera to help solve crimes. >> little six year old turning haste cents on the race course, bobby decline lives, breathes, eats racing of the sabrina joins him on the track, what gets this little boy's motor running? >> basically, so you can still drive the car. >> this is six year old bobby kline, and this is his baby. >> like how many times, like 120 engine -- >> had the need for speed ever
6:47 am
since he was a toddler. >> when he was three and fell in love with race that was it. >> already triple champ. >> i have to get up there. >> he's going for his fourth win in quarter midge it racing. >> how about like there. >> he's got on his lucky socks. >> as the setting sun rose, bobby hits the track and at speeds to up 25 miles per hour. >> it started at five. it is discipline. they have so many signals that they have to learn, just by the flags, and communication, they have to know when to stop. they have to know when to go fast, and it is a lot for them to learn. >> still mom and dad have trained themselves to have nerve of steel. each time bobby refs that engine. >> every time he races my
6:48 am
heart's in my throat. >> they just want him to have fun. like any true competitor, his love of racing comes from one. so anything short of winning just didn't good enough for bobby. >> a second place finish with bobby leaves him inconsolable. he plays to win. >> it is tough for him. >> still just first of many laps in store for little bobby. >> everything is just his way, it is something that he loves, and as a parent, you know, we support it. >> in phoenixville, "fox 29 news". family vacation in europe turns into pretty scary situation for actor rob lowe and his family. let's take a look at a picture that his son posted on twitter. as the rising floodwaters submerge their vacation home in france. the water covered the first floor of the house, before the firefighters got there, and pulled the fatly to safety, rob and his son john both shared pictures on social media, and thanked the first responders for saving their lives. chris brown is head today
6:49 am
trial for his assault case. >> plea deal that would have put him out of jail. his lawyers rejected the deal when they couldn't agree on statement of facts. a fan said brown hit him when he tried to get an autograph down in washington, d.c. his bodyguards also charged in the same scuffle. trial set for september 8th. >> sports fans tends to go little craze when they see themselves in the jumbo tron, right, during a game. >> i love it. specially you see like little kids, this he get so into it. boy at florida marlins game surprised everything with his dance moves. he realizes he's on camera. >> ♪ >> ya, you can see, sticks out the tongue, liters up the shirt, shakes the hips, does little wiggle. up loaded to vine, with the caption he made the moves of the moment. >> exactly. >> miley cyrus has ruined
6:50 am
america. >> ya. >> well, mike does this nearly every night. >> he doesn't twerk. >> twerking today, because we're all red and high up here, the nba draft, usa germany, i believe that we will win. talk about all of this coming up in just a few minutes, of course, do you have your usa pride on today? are you wearing red, white and blue? why don't you watch the show in red, white and blue something, even if it is your underwear or pajamas? what's the hashtag, f 29usa. >> you got it. >> fox 29usa. >> and, it is the latest option when you go shopping. you have probably been already seeing this offered, right? you want that e-mail in a bag? the receipt in the bag? you want me to e-mail that receipt to you? >> dsw? >> i say just throw it in the bag s there an advantage? is there a risk of somebody stealing your identity if you say e-mail me the receipt?
6:51 am
careful. >> you think doing the green thing and saving paper? >> you got to dot paper or plastic. so many decision toss make nowadays. tough. >> hey, oh, boy the way, tiger woods is back on playing golf today, his tee-off time 8:00. necessary maryland. he's back. >> all right. and speaking of tiger, let's see if we can go see, kitten cam returning. >> tiger, kitten cam. >> what does it have to do with tiger woods? >> he's a cat. i was trying. >> oh,. >> quite the reach, though, even i will admit that. >> okay. >> muggy again, and you can see, a lot of clouds out there this morning, but the sun is doing its best get through the clouds, few areas of fog between now and say 8:00 this morning, this afternoon, sunshine, few clouds here and, there still feels kind of
6:52 am
sticky today. won't get better until humidity until tonight. but will get us enough sun to get us to 09 degrees today. >> hey, thank you very muchment looking at all of your majors right now, this is a different picture than we showed but ten minutes ago. see you downstairs, mike jerrick. seventy-six both directions little bill jammed around city avenue and the boulevard ten extra minutes, woodhaven to the vine, jam after
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> 6:54, live picture from the pocono mountains, wood lock resort. you may wouldn't here would ever be tempted to take a selfie like this, with a tiger, but apparently a lofter guys have been doing this of course to get girls. these are pictures from the dating app tinder. it has happened enough. these selfies, that tumbler pages like this one have started to pop up. tinder trends so popular, new york has banned the practice making ill it illegal to touch bears and tigers at the circus, they say tiger selfies are way too dangerous. california teen is being hailed a hero for rescuing his neighbors during fire at his apartment complex. this great kid, right here, 14 year old laroll, cochran, hon orders by the fairfield city council after he rescued 62 year old disable man, from his apartment building, says he heard the guy screaming for help, so, he immediately ran inside and carried that man to
6:56 am
safety. he also saved that man's pet dog. >> old guy, old guy, like pick him up, took him out. >> and here singed by fire, latrel carried the man out of the apartment and saved his life. >> well, he is a great kid, so is his brother. his brother also helped neighbors by knocking on their doors to warn them of the fire. the heroic brothers given some gift certificates, cash, and tickets to raiders game, for their bravery. this is all happening in northern california. hey, next on good day, it is not just laying out down the shore that can cause sun damage. a long commute, yes, it can be even worse for can put you at risk where philly was ranked when it comes to high risk cities. the goal end rule do un to others as you wish them do to you. but apparently teaching compassion and kindness to our children is taking a back
6:57 am
seat. what kids say their parents tell them is more important than being kind. coco
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> oh, my gosh, i'll below your head off. followed home, grabbed from behind, forbes dollars back into her car, now, she tells fox 29 how she talked to her
7:00 am
attacker, talked him into leather her go. boy, snap, crackle, pop, not talking about your rice chris piece, kaboom, storms hit hard and fast last night. did it waker you up? how about the pounding rain? flashes every lightning? it has calm down now. okay, we got your wiggins, parker, em bead, know, no, not lot a law firm like krass know, krassno, or manny, moe and jack. tomorrow morning who will we be talking about since the sixers third pick in the draft. it will be wiggins, parker, embead or amadingo. >> quincy, how about that golden rule? >> well, parent always tell their kids you should kill people with kind less, well, according to recent study, they say you should just kill people, period. >> oh! >> don't kill them with kindness.


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